Monday, November 22, 2010

SQL Developer 3.0 Early Adopter now available

Early Adopter (EA) releases of SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeler EA 2 are now available for download from OTN.

SQL Developer new features are described here. The marque SQL Developer 3.0 is improved migrations. You can see an enhanced migration wizard in our EA release, however you should see more improvements in our production release. Our objective is to make it much quicker and easier to analyze the scope of a migration effort, as well as to simplify and streamline the actual migration work. Additional new features exposed in the 3.0 EA release include an all new and much improved query builder, DBA functionality, and an alternative object tree navigator.

SQL Developer Data Modeler EA 2 features integrated svn source code control as well as user defined design rules and transformations. It is not a user exposed feature but the biggest change with this release is a much tighter integration with the core SQL Developer framework. Basically the components and behavior is now all uses the same underlying infrastructure.

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