Monday, March 23, 2015

If you haven't done so checkout the Oracle APEX universal theme packaged application on  Here it is from inside a Tesla on a crisp 17" touchscreen.  Yes it does work while driving.

Saturday, March 21, 2015 has been upgraded to a pre-production version of Oracle APEX 5.0

If your an Oracle APEX developer you will want to try  We have just upgraded this free service to a close (but not yet) production version of Oracle APEX 5.0.  If you already use login and validate your applications work as before.  If you don't have an account create one; it should take about a minute.

Oracle APEX 5 has a new feature called "Universal Theme".  A good way to learn universal theme is to install the "Universal Theme" packaged application.  Another good way is install other packaged applications like "P-Track" or "Customer Tracker".  These applications will show off more responsive and more elegant user interface then was available in previous versions of Oracle APEX.  The packaged applications also come with many plugins which can improve your app dev productivity and data visualization.

Give APEX 5 a spin and let us know what you think; we are listening.