Friday, July 9, 2010

Known Issues with Oracle Application Express 4.0

Since the introduction of Oracle APEX 4.0 on June 23, 2010 we have seen significant uptake of our new release (APEX 4.0). In monitoring the discussion forums and other channels we have received a number of customer issues uptaking Oracle APEX 4.0. To provide the APEX community with the latest information on APEX 4.0 issues / bugs we have create an Oracle Application Express 4.0 known issues web page.

This page does not track all issues or bugs but should do a good job highlighting many. The development team is working hard to develop one off patches (for some issues) as well as a 4.0.1 re-release. As of the time of this post we have 2 one off patches available via metalink.

We have also updated our Oracle APEX OTN page to link to this known issues page, in the "New in release 4.0" section. If you do encounter bugs with Oracle APEX 4.0 and wish to bring these to our attention please do use the Oracle APEX discussion forum or log bugs with Oracle support.

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  1. Hi Mike, can you please tell me the number of the oneoff patches already released for apex 4.0? i've been searching by description in and could not find them...